Getting to know me...


Let me just take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Sherri and I have been in the forefront of the Beauty Industry for over 24 years.

There isn't There isn't
one special area I enjoy more then the next, because I think a Great Hairdresser can do it all!  I specialize in people. I truly believe that we all have certain assets that make us uniquely beautiful. Confidence is the look we all strive for...sometimes highlights will do that...sometimes it's as simple as updating a look you've had for a while. It's never hard to find the you that wants to be found!

I love doing all types of Custom Coloring, as well as Texture Services.

Like I said before, Beauty is as Individual as our fingerprints. Thats why Communication is always key!

With over 24years in the "Biz", I look forward to finding the right blends of rich colors to compliment that new cut!

My Resume boasts many facets of the Beauty Industry.

Make Up Artist to Photographer

Wedding ~ Special Occasion Hair & Make Up Expert

Advanced Color Designer

Former Salon Owner

I will be updating this periodically with recent shows and Educational Events I have attended.

Hope To hear from you soon!

 Thanks so much for visiting.

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